Jonas Müthing Baetge

The orchestra has been my musical home for most of my life. I was brought up in the German countryside and during all of my teenage years I was active as a double bassist in several youth and amateur orchestras. It was first when I studied music in Karlsruhe that I developed a great love for composing and choir music. After my degree in music theory I moved to Gothenburg in order to gain greater knowledge about how to write music. Nowadays I am also studying to become a choir conductor.

In my works for choir I find inspiritaion from contemporary composers, 19th century romanticism and the polyphonic masters of the renaissance. My love towards the latter can mostly be seen in my belief in that every part of a score should carry the music as much as the others, that the voices need to feel meaningful and logical. Apart from that I want my music to tell a story: The one that is inherit of the words, a commentary, a distinct interpretation…

The instrumental music I write is also often founded on a narrative of some kind, but sometimes it is also the sheer joy of experimenting with the material that steers over the process of composition. Ultimately it is the musicians and audience who need to find their own, personal interpretation and I always try to make room for that in the scores.