Eric Mayr

Foto: Jan Walford

Eric Mayr was born in Bremen. He studied conducting and piano and is currently working as a teacher for piano, music theory and composition in Heidenheim (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) since 1993.

His music draws as much inspiration from Hindemith, Johann Nepomuk David and Anton Webern as from Jazz, Rock and too much else to mention in this context. He likes working with scholarly structures and sequences just as much as pentatonical melodies and other material.

Eric Mayr has written two books, both concerning composers: The first one is about Ferdinand Loh (and is as yet the only book about the composer of the world's most famous work for piano), the other one discusses Karl May (who, alongside his musical œuvre, even wrote some books). (The second book is published under the name Eric Baumann.) (And yes, he likes parenthesises.)